I usually can’t bring myself to photograph other people’s art. I feel like the actual work should be viewed rather than a photographer’s impression. However, since this mural resides on a building side in Fremantle, this might be the only way to see it. 

I walked past a few times, and even stopped to study it once, but it wasn’t until I ate lunch across the street that I actually captured it for my own. The intricacy really floored me more than anything. It is clearly the work of a detailed imagination.

Listening to: Minus The Bear - Ice Monster


This skull makes an appearance at each of my sister’s camping expeditions. Apparently its a tradition that goes a long way back. Each time I feel the need to take a photo, this time I felt like posting.

Listening to: Paul Dempsey - Daniel


On one of my final nights in Fremantle I wandered down by the docks to see if things looked a little different after dark. I was excited to find this gang of ships moored together and motionless under the dim dock light. I happened to have my trusty little Sunpak mini tripod on me so I laid down on the dock and set up for this 4 second exposure. It turned out to be one of my favorite shots of my entire stay.

Listening to: Blackmill - Spirit of Life


Two weekends back I visited Pewit’s Nest. It is a tiny jewel hidden away among the numerous cornfields and winding country roads not far from Devil’s Lake. A secret local spot for years, now it is anyone’s to see thanks to the internet, and in my case, workplace chatter. It was well worth the afternoon spent, and the tick bite suffered.

Listening to: Blackmill - Lucid Truth


Mid day at the Fremantle docks. A few days later I would wait at this same spot for the ferry to Rotnest Island. 

Listening to: Laberge - Running To You


Well, a great deal has changed since last I posted. It has been too long, but that is the way of things. I finished up my Australian adventure, returned to Wisconsin, and moved to Madison, a city I have wanted to live in for quite some time. So it will be fewer jungles, and more forests, less sand, and more snow in my upcoming posts. I am really enjoying the Madison lifestyle, and eagerly await the upcoming Wisconsin winter. 

Listen To: Paper Diamond - Turn The Lights Off


This was taken months ago at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Listening to: Katchafire - I Got Ya Back


Easily one of the most stunning sights to be had on Maui, this the Haleakala crater. The drive to the top traverses back and forth around the mountain and eventually breaks through the clouds. Upon reaching the summit, there are some truly unique views. For me, nothing quite compares to staring out over the endless blanket of clouds. 

Listening to: Years Around The Sun - Align

◊Maui After Dark

I was flipping through some old photos and came across my series from Hawaii in 2011. I realized that there were quite a few photos in that set that I liked, but didn’t post at the time. If I don’t have enough variety I get burnt out and move on, and I assume that is exactly what happened. This was taken while doing long exposures at night with my brother on Kam II.

Listening to: The birds outside my window.

◊For Your Safety

From what I saw in Perth, it appears Australians take scaffolding pretty seriously around construction sites. What amounted to cattle stocks was built alongside a building rehab on what I think was Fitzgerald St. It was above and beyond anything I had seen while in Chicago. With the strange graffiti I could see it taking on an almost haunted-house-esqe feeling at night. 

Listening to: Kutcorners - Summers Song


More from my Perth gallery day. This is the lobby in which the exhibit “Tohoku: Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers” was held. To be honest, it was a less than ideal location due to the sun streaming in, causing some harsh glare on the photo glass. But hey, the actual photos were great, and for the price of free it ain’t bad.

I try to avoid pulling the camera out around galleries, it just seems inappropriate, but the stark contrast between the red elevators and the otherwise monochrome room deserved a snap.

Listening to: Chairlift - Somewhere Around Here


This old crane could be any preserved creature, heart removed, skin and bones propped up and left on display. 

Listening to: Bonobo - Sleepy

Patiently Waiting

I have become such a fan of public transportation since arriving in Australia. The trains are quick, comfortable, and decently priced. I have come to expect this quality in the major cities here. Its a shame it wont exist in my home town.

This photo shows two trains about to depart from Perth Station. 

Listening to: Sun Kil Moon - Third And Seneca

On Friday I did a Perth gallery day. I got together a list of all the art galleries I wanted to see and organized them so that I could walk from place to place and hit them all in one day. It went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect and I got to see some great work. 

I also got around to taking quite a few photos, this being one of them. Another sunny day in Perth.

Listening to: Sun Kil Moon - Pancho Villa

This is another long exposure shot from dusk in Fremantle, WA (Australia not Washington). This is the Fremantle Maritime Museum shot from the Fleet Street Mole. 

I was down on the rocks for quite a while, crawling around, setting up the tripod, and generally doing things that increased the chances of my camera ending up in the ocean. After the sun had set and I got the shot I wanted I grabbed all my gear and climbed back up to the road. At this point a woman walked up to me and said “what time did the sun set ?”. I didn’t really know how to answer the question since the sun had set maybe 5 minutes prior at most and the mole is quite a distance from anywhere you could hide from the sun. I tried to answer her with a straight face, but I couldn’t stop wondering where on earth she emerged from.

Listening to: Sorcerer - Hustlers Play